Pinterest marketing automation. Pinflux Review

pinflux review
pinflux review


Hi Smart Marketer!

Are you tired of investing in one course after another, one app after another. Nothing gets you the results you promised and worse still — things that don’t work at all!

It’s just row after row of useless applications from unscrupulous marketers who only care about grabbing a fast buck!


Stop buying products that don’t deliver!

Just Stop!

Stop believing in useless products and stop investing in them. There is NO mystery system, there’s NO magic bullet, there’s NO secret method!

With Pinflux you can get more traffic on the most powerful,
new emerging social media platform, that is designed for
hands-free automation to get you all the traffic,
generate leads and ultimately increase sales leveraging
the motherlode of all buyer traffic – Pinterest.
300 million monthly active Pinterest users will be your prospects.

The fact is everyone who got ahead got there by getting their traffic from powerful traffic source.

From places like Facebook, Google, Twitter. All of the sites where people are arriving everyday in hordes. Guess what’s the newest and yet under-exposed addition to this list? It’s Pinterest!

Powerful Pinterest Marketing Automation Features

  • Work with multiple boards across multiple IDs.
  • Automates pinning of fresh content.
  • Search and automatically find powerful content from Pinterest.
  • Finds pins in any niche and repins them to your boards.
  • Automatically follows niche targeted profiles.
  • Unfollow automation for profiles that did not follow you back.
  • Like & activity automation.
  • 100% support for manual actions. You can do everything from within Pinflux

If you are an internet marketer then you should be milking Pinterest dry!
You will say Pinflux is better than any Pinterest tool you know of!

With nearly 300 million monthly active users
a high presence of female users, and a big
percentage of buyers (93% of Pinterest visitors
complete a purchase) you can’t be giving
Pinterest a miss!

Pinflux a powerful desktop based Pinterest
automation app that automates and unlocks
recurring profits from Pinterest for you.

Pinflux максимизирует прибыль
от Pinterest, делая все от выбора правильного контента,
закрепления, повторного воспроизведения, отслеживания, удаления и т.д.

До сих пор Pinterest не использовался для автоматизации, потому что
не было эффективного программного обеспечения для автоматизации, которое открыло бы
все функции Pinterest.

Not many people have 10 million views per month traffic on Pinterest.

If you had been giving Pinterest a cold

shoulder, it’s time you change tracks. Here’s why:

– A pin is 100 times more spreadable than your

average tweet.

– Each pin can drive up to 2 page visits and

6 pageviews.

– Ecommerce sites benefit from pinning as each

pin can generate 78 cents

– The life of a pin is one week! Compare that to 24 minutes

for Twitter and 90 minutes for Facebook.

Pinflux is the first such software that makes

Pinterest work hard to drive traffic to your blog.

Get Your Copy Now.

You can do everything from within Pinflux
AND Nothing Is Simpler Than Pinflux

The 3-Step Simple Traffic Process
2.Set up your keywords & board settings.
Here’s what makes leveraging Pinflux to
boost your Pinterest marketing profits a
walk in park:
Do all work from a single interface for all accounts.

Do tasks faster and better with automation.
Why do any grind work?

Schedule pins actions across multiple boards
for higher visibility and more chances of people
following you back, and buying from you too.

Complete reporting keeps you updated
100% Manual Control At Every Level
so you can customize just the way you want!
Powerful keyword research features lets you
find pins in any niche blazing fast and easy.
Pinflux Is The Only Automation Tool That Gets You High Quality Organic Traffic From Pinterest Absolutely Free

Get Your Pinflux Now & Unlock Massive Free Traffic

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